Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

There will inevitably be questions around the female orgasm itself, getting the best use out of our site, or managing your membership. Please take a look at the questions here and if you still have an issue, just contact us. We're here to help.


  1. What is a REAL female orgasm?

    In women, a real orgasm is usually indicated visibly by a series of contractions in the vaginal-anal area which occur at about once every 0.8 seconds approximately and by a "sex flush" which is a rapid change in skin colour of the chest resulting from an increase in cutaneous blood flow. Take a look at our white paper for more information.

  2. Do you only show REAL female orgasm movies?

    Absolutely! We really dislike women faking orgasms and do everything we can to avoid these. Most websites (and movies) that show "real" orgasms are just faking it. The most common fake that we see are women writhing and screaming as if in ecstasy, but it's all just an act. Now many women actually do writhe and scream, but there are many other indicators that demonstrate that her orgasm is real.

  3. Does a woman squirting mean that she is really cumming?

    Absolutely not. While many women do squirt when they are extremely aroused, during or after they cum, there also are an incredible number of women that push out urine while they are stimulating their vagina's. While this is technically "squirting", they are not having orgasms. We have many examples in our member area that show women squirting during or immediately after their orgasm - you can actually see their orgasmic contractions while they squirt. Now THIS is a squirting orgasm and the women actually do cum.

  4. Women sometimes squirt a thick, creamy liquid during orgasm. Is this true?

    Fake, fake and fake. There are way too many photographers out there that try to portray female ejaculation by putting a thicker liquid into the vagina and then getting the girls to fake an orgasm while pushing it out. This is just because many people that don't know what female ejaculation is think that it's just like the male ejaculation. But it really isn't. What annoys us most about this is that these people are spreading false information just to make money.

  5. Do all women have orgasmic contractions?

    No - not all female orgasms visibly show rhythmic contractions, and the rate of contractions vary from one woman to another. There are many women that display sharp, "rapid-fire" contractions when they cum, others have a slower, strong series of contractions, and others yet don't show any at all. The number of contractions varies greatly from one woman to another too, and this has absolutely no bearing on the intensity of their orgasm.

  6. Where else can I view your videos?

    Nowhere ... at least not legally. We produce or commission all of our videos ourselves for use only on our sites. If you come across our videos in other places without a link back to our site, we'd love to hear about it. We take copyright infringement very seriously.

  7. Can I watch your videos over dial-up?

    Technically speaking you can, but we do recommend a high-speed broadband connection. If you're on dialup, you'll have to download our movies first before attempting to watch them, and the streaming flash format won't work at all for you. Having said that, in addition to the single movie file, we do split our movies up into smaller pieces for our dial-up members to make them easier to download.

  8. How do I best view your videos?

    Once you join and gain access to our exclusive members area there are just tons and tons of real orgasms waiting for you! Simply right-mouse click on the movies of your choice and RIGHT-MOUSE click on the link. A sub-menu will appear. Choose the 'Save Target As ...' option on the sub-menu. A dialogue box will then appear asking where to put the video files you are about to download. Simply navigate to a folder or directory of your choosing and click the 'Save' option. The movie(s) will be downloaded to your computer for you to enjoy as often as you would like ;-)

  9. Can I stream your videos directly to my screen?

    Definitely - we provide flash versions of our videos that will allow you to play them directly to your browser. You can also play the other versions too, but these may be slower to load as the files are very large. You'll need a very fast internet connection to enjoy our movies this way though.

  10. Can I watch your videos on my iPod or iPad?

    Absolutely - just download the MP4 version of the movie, import it into iTunes and synchronize it with your iPod or iPad normally.

  11. Do you shoot your videos in High Definition?

    Virtually all of our videos are currently filmed in High Definition, and from multiple camera angles. We typically have at least 3 video cameras operating during our shoots, just to make sure we capture the right action at the right time! BUT - since we have been around for such a long time, our older movies are not filmed in HD as it didn't exist at that time.

  12. What do I do if I have trouble subscribing?

    If you have any trouble at all subscribing, just email us. We have many subscription options available including wire tranfers, snail mail options, our own merchant accounts in both Europe and North America and more. So don't despair - first try our "Alternate Signup" option and if that still doesn't work for you, just email us.

  13. I want a membership for 1 month only - what do I do?

    You can purchase a single month subscription though our "Alternate Signup" option. Single month subscriptions cost a little more as there is more administrative work for us to process these. Of course we would recommend one of our recurring membership options ;-).

  14. What will show up on my credit card statement?

    If you signup via CCBill or Epoch, "Femorg" will show up on your statement. If you would rather not have this show up, then we suggest you sign up via our "Alternate Signup" option where a "non-adult" reference will show up on your statement.

  15. How do I cancel my recurring membership?

    You can cancel your recurring subscription at any time at all, although we do think it a little unfair if you do so in the first month. If you only want to purchase a subscription for one month, please pay the small difference for a single month subscription and help keep us in business ... If you signed up via CCBill, you can cancel anytime by going to where you'll be able to locate your subscription and cancel. if you signed up via Epoch, please go to If you joined via our alternate options, simply send us an email with your username and password and we'll cancel your subscription for you. It would be helpful for us too if you'd let us know why you're cancelling so we can continue to improve our site.

  16. Can I get a refund if I don't like your site?

    No. All membership sales are final. We work very hard to make sure that you know BEFORE you sign up what our member area offers just to ensure that you know what you are buying, so please view our site carefully before you decide to join.

  17. What happens if I share your movies with other people or websites?

    That really wouldn't be very nice, and besides, it's not legal to do so. We take this very seriously which is why we have lawyers that specialize in International copyright infringement enforcement - regardless of where you are, they can (and will) track you down and take legal action in YOUR locale. Although we hate having to do this, it wouldn't be the first time.

  18. What do I do if I have trouble accessing the member area?

    Technology can be rather troublesome sometimes ... if you have any difficulties at all either entering our member area or viewing our videos, either call us or email us. We value your subscription and will do everything we can to get your issue sorted out in a timely manner.

  19. What does it mean if my access is suspended?

    There is just so much password sharing and hacking our there that we have security systems to control this. What many people don't realize is that password sharing is simply sharing our content (actually it's theft), but also is exponentially increasing our bandwidth consumption which we need to pay for. Sharing a password on one of those nasty password sharing sites can result in so much downloading that we would go out of business in a matter of days. That wouldn't be very nice, unless you really hate our stuff ... lol.

    When our systems detect fradulent password usage, it automatically suspends the account. We do realize that this can also happen when passwords are not deliberately shared, so just contact us with your current username and passord, the email address that you used when you signed up, and the new username and password you'd like. We'll reset your account and get you going again quickly.

  20. How do I recover a lost password or username?

    You can recover your username and password from the billing company you used when you joined -,, or email us with the email address you used when you joined (or some other indication to prove that you really are you!) and we'll get your access information out to you again.

  21. My question isn't answered here - what do I do?

    We clearly won't be able to answer every possible question here, so please contact us if you still have open questions. We're here to serve you, so don't be shy!